Being An Opera-Loving Teenager

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This week’s post was written by the wonderful Melanie Spector, a fellow opera-loving teenager and blogger- you can check out her blog by clicking on her name and you can also check her out on twitter here!

“Being an Opera ­Loving Teenager” by Melanie Spector

Being a teenager who likes opera is interesting. Many argue that opera companies today should use modern communication, like social media, to encourage more teenagers to discover opera, while others are there to remind us that opera was created for the older elite. I, in any case, am a proud and avid teenage fan of opera who has loved the art form all my life.

Personally, my love for opera was assisted by my mother’s line of work: She is the Second Oboist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. My father is also a big fan. I wish I could say that I would…

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