My “Stage-Mother”

Tonight is the opening of Zandonai’s Francesca da Rimini at the Metropolitan Opera. I will be attending the opening along with my father, and my mother will be playing oboe. My mother, Susan Spector is the second oboist of the Metropolitan Opera, and has been for twenty-one years. 

     There are many reasons to be excited about these upcoming performances. Eva Maria Westbroek returns to the Met for the first time after her stunning performances as Sieglinde in Die Walküre. Marcello Giordani also returns for the first time after his dropping the part of Aeneas in Les Troyens. Mark Delavan will also be an intense Giovanni as he prepares for his intense role of Wotan in the upcoming performances of Wagner’s Ring. It is another beautiful revival production with beautiful sets and costumes. But, I have one reason that most other people do not have for looking forward to Francesca da Rimini: My mom is playing onstage in costume!

     After fifteen years of waiting, my mom will finally play on the stage of the Met again, in costume! The last time she played onstage was in 1997 in the banda in the last scene of Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Here is a photo of her in that banda:



     Tonight, she will relish serenading Francesca, Paolo, and all of the other characters in Francesca da Rimini, along with the Met audience! Here is a photo of her in her Francesca costume:



      If you see Francesca da Rimini, make sure to bring your binoculars and be on the look out (she even has some solos)! You will also see her playing onstage in Giulio Cesare later this season. Toi toi toi, Mommy!


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